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To Know or Not to Know the Baby's gender?

To Know or Not to Know the Gender before Birth?

Gender reveal parties have been extremely popular lately for new parents-to-be. This guide will explain exactly why so many people choose to find out the fetal sex in advance as opposed to waiting and being surprised at birth!

A study published in the Upscala Journal of Medical Sciences reported that of the 2393 female respondents, 95.8% had discussed sex determination with their partner before the ultrasound scan. Moreover, 57% of women and their partners in the study wanted to find out the fetal sex of their expected child. These findings seem to be consistent across geographical boundaries. There are several reasons for this wish: to plan for the baby’s arrival, acquire appropriate things for the child, personal and partner’s curiosity, and to make sure sex determination at birth is correct.

In terms of planning for the babies arrival you’ll want to make sure you definitely have the essentials down. This includes diapering supplies, baby gear, and clothing. Some other things you may want to consider are making out a will, choosing life insurance, and starting a college trust.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of pregnancy is planning the nursery. If you decide not to find out the fetal sex, you can go with neutral tones and soft pastel colours. However, if you find out the gender before hand either through the doctor or through a gender reveal, you’re able to choose the colour scheme and a colour palette, paint the walls, select the furnishings, and accessorize. You’re also able to select clothing, toys, duvets, quilts, pillows, mobiles, a garbage can, laundry basket, wall art, and picture frames.

It’s important to stick within your budget, do your homework and search out deals. Sometimes, second hand items such as cabinets and cribs can save a ton of resources. You’ll want to ensure the cot/crib is not outdated or features an open-faced style. Check your local legislation to ensure the bed meets the safety requirements set out by your state or province. Moreover, another consideration is space so while it’s fine to plan a separate nursery, if you don’t have the budget or space, a large matching furniture set is not immediately necessary. At minimum, ensure the baby has somewhere soft, comfortable, and safe to sleep as furniture can be upgraded later. In addition to a bed, you’ll need a safe car seat and a stroller.

Now if you're in the majority and you've received the disclosure you have two choices. You can discover the fetal sex in the privacy of your partner and a medical professional; or, you can share the excitement through a special moment with all of your family and friends.

If you are more inclined to choosing the latter option, you're in the right place! That’s why the phenomenon of a gender reveal party has caught steam among a newer generation of mom's and dad's. It's fun, exciting, and normally performed earlier on in the pregnancy (around the 2nd trimester)!

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