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A Guide for a TRUE Surprise Gender Reveal

Surprise Gender Reveal Guide

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Unsure of what color to order for the big event? Is there a limited time between obtaining disclosure and the Gender Reveal Party?

Here are some ways to plan your #GenderReveal around the aforementioned problems.

1) Many Ultrasound centers will provide the gender in a sealed envelope. Bring us that sealed envelope disclosure and we'll fill your order on the spot while maintaining secrecy until you've revealed! 

  • Purchase your desired quantity in the undisclosed color.
  • During check-out, select "Local pick-up in Surrey, B.C"
  • We will contact you within hours to set up an afternoon or evening pick-up, potentially as early as the next day.
  • When you pick-up, our cannons will not be marked with any gender identifiers so no need to worry about the surprise being ruined!

2) Not local? Ask the Ultrasound Center to email us your name (or the mother's name) and the Gender!

  • Purchase your desired quantity in the undisclosed color.
  • E-mail us at BelleBeauConfettiCo@gmail.com
  • Once we receive the disclosure, we'll ship to your desired location with tracking, all while maintaining confidentiality and secrecy.

3) Ask your maternity specialist to reveal the gender to a friend or family member so they can organize the party!

  • As an expecting mother, this is the most relaxing way to do it! Normally, friends or family members are excited and willing to help out. Try to keep the planning limited to a few people to ensure the secret doesn't leak, accidentally.
  • A simple way of giving the "secret keeper" the disclosure is to give them the gender disclosure envelope and tell them to either bring it to us in person or to peek at the disclosure in advance so they can plan the party.

4) Facetime us!

This is a unique way of letting us know but it works. Essentially open up the letter outwards to the camera, close your eyes and turn your head. It's worked a few times in the past and it's always fun to interact with our clients beyond instant messaging!

5) Ask your local walk-in clinic to read the results and e-mail us!

Most nurses are more than happy to help and don't mind helping you out if you explain the need to keep it a secret and a surprise! Send all gender disclosures to: bellebeauconfettico@gmail.com


Whichever way you choose, we'll be sure to ship your order in a timely manner so that it reaches you in time for the big event! 

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