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Two Rose Petal Cannons sitting on a bed of red rose petals
Two Rose Petal Cannons sitting on a bed of light pink rose petals
Two Rose Petal Cannons sitting on a bed of peach rose petals
Two Rose Petal Cannons sitting on a bed of blush rose petals
Real Rose Petal Cannons (Two)

Real Rose Petal Cannons (Two)

Belle & Beau Confetti Co.

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Eternal Rose Petal Cannons (2 pack)

The luxury of having beautiful rose petals fall from the sky during your special moment is no longer a dream! Our two-pack of Eternal Rose Petal Cannons shoots out over 500 real rose petals which twist and twirl from heights up to 30 feet. 

Rose Gold 

This product was designed to help you create and capture the most romantic moments of your dreams. Whether that be for a wedding proposal, engagement, wedding photos, or wedding reception festivities, our Eternal Rose Petal Cannons offer a minimalistic and luxe rose gold finish that's packed with rose petals! To put this into perspective, our pack of two includes more petals than can be individually plucked from a single bouquet of roses.


  1. Remove the lid on the top of the cannon.
  2. Point upwards and away from yourself and others. If outdoors, consider the strength & direction of wind and position accordingly. Ensure the bottom of the cannon is not pointed towards your body.
  3. With one hand, hold the middle portion of the rose petal cannon while holding the bottom portion of the cannon with the other hand.
  4. Twist both hands in opposite directions to release.

Colour Options

Red, White, Light Pink, Blush, Peach, Magenta, Sky Blue. Custom colours are also available.



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 Rose Petal Cannon Inspiration 


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