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Gender Reveal Football - Pink & Blue - Belle and Beau Confetti Co.
Gender Reveal Football - Pink - Belle and Beau Confetti Co.
Gender Reveal Football - Pink & Blue - Belle and Beau Confetti Co.
Gender Reveal Football -  Blue - Belle and Beau Confetti Co.
Gender Reveal Football - Pink & Blue - Belle and Beau Confetti Co.

Gender Reveal Football - Pink or Blue

Belle & Beau Confetti Co.

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Gender Reveal Football (Pink and Blue Coloured Powder)

Our Explodable Gender Reveal Footballs feature a huge poof of coloured powder that is 100% biodegradable and washable. Perfect for football fans! Fast shipping across Canada!

Explodable Gender Reveal footballs featuring Coloured Powder!

Our Gender Reveal Footballs can help any football-loving couple make the big announcement! It is perfect for the couple who loves watching, playing, or simply supporting their favourite NFL or CFL team!

The footballs come with an empty shell and either a bag or two of our gender reveal powder. Simply ask the secret keeper to fill the powder into the football shell and press the shells. The shells have grooves to ensure they stick together. A small bit of glue along the inside track can help keep the ball together. Any excess colour powder can easily be wiped away with a wet cloth.

The footballs and the soccer balls result in the biggest explosion as they hold the most powder out of any gender reveal sports ball. A drop kick will easily reveal the colour inside!

So, what are you waiting for? Throw on your favourite football jersey and prepare for the punt of a lifetime!



The specifics of each package are:

  • Minor¬†Assembly Required
  • Colours: Blue; Pink; Pink and Blue.

  • Washable off most surfaces with water, some soap may be required.

  • Biodegradable, water-soluble, non-toxic powder.¬†

  • Corn Starch based - not intended for use around those with allergies.


      • Orders ship out within 1 day (handling) from Vancouver, B.C.
      • There are two shipping options available, Expedited and Xpresspost.
        • Please allow 3-10¬†business days for Expedited Shipping
        • Please allow 2-4 business days for Xpresspost Shipping.
      • Shipping quotes are estimated by location at check-out.
      • By now, all clients should plan around COVID-19 related delays with postal courtiers. Allow extra time for delivery. You cannot throw the party without this so ensure it arrives before making plans around it.
        • If you're unsure or¬†need to make a last-minute purchase, please contact us to ensure your package will make it on time.
      • To prevent any inconveniences resulting from postal delays, we recommend planning the date of the reveal after you receive your gender reveal product.

    For more information on Shipping & Returns, click here

    Local Pick-Up:

    Local Pick-Up is available in Surrey, BC. We will touch base, within 4 hours of your order confirmation, through the email provided to us at check-out. Generally, local pickups are scheduled Monday to Friday after 4 PM or weekends after 10 AM. All pick-up orders are available as early as the next day. Please contact us for more information: bellebeauconfettico@gmail.com

    Until further notice, we suspend the practice of filling orders at the time of pick-up using the gender disclosure envelope. As an alternative, if you have a sealed envelope, we are happy to obtain the disclosure through FaceTime or Google Duo. 

    Warning Notice

    Kicking the football will result in sharp pieces that can spread and bounce in various directions. Individuals standing within a 20ft radius of the point of impact must wear protective eyewear, closed-toe shoes, and be sufficiently covered with socks and pants. These sharp pieces can be hidden in grass or on top of other surfaces. Sharp pieces may also hit bystanders who are standing too close. The best surface to use this product is one where the pieces will be visible and can easily be swept or picked up. Please ensure guests and users stay clear of the area until all pieces are picked up. Failure to heed these warnings may result in harm to people, property, or pets.