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Bulk Rose Petal Confetti
Bulk Rose Petal Confetti
Bulk Rose Petal Confetti
Bulk Rose Petal Confetti
Bulk Rose Petal Confetti
Bulk Rose Petal Confetti

Bulk Rose Petal Confetti

Belle & Beau Confetti Co.

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Preserved Rose Petals - Eternal Beauty, Timeless Elegance 

Transform your special occasions into moments of everlasting enchantment with our exquisite Preserved Rose Petals. Carefully curated and expertly preserved, these petals offer the perfect blend of romance and sophistication. Elevate your events with the touch of luxury they deserve.


  1. Long-Lasting Beauty: Our preserved rose petals maintain their natural vibrancy and softness for an extended period, ensuring your celebrations are adorned with lasting elegance.

  2. Versatile Elegance: Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, romantic dinners, or any special event, these preserved rose petals add a touch of grace and refinement to your décor.

  3. Assorted Colors: Choose from a stunning array of colors, including classic red, ivory white, blush pink, and more. Create a custom blend or stick to a single hue to match your event theme effortlessly.

  4. No Cleanup Hassle: Unlike fresh petals, our preserved rose petals don't wilt, wither, or leave a mess. Enjoy the beauty without the worry of cleanup, allowing you to focus on the magic of the moment.

  5. Custom Packages: Tailor your celebration with our customizable packages. Select the quantity and color palette that suits your event, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

  6. Easy to Use: Ready to use straight out of the bag, our preserved rose petals make decorating a breeze. Scatter them along aisles, create beautiful tablescapes, or use them to accentuate your venue effortlessly.

Popular Choices:

  1. Classic Red Passion: Ignite the romance with our deep red preserved rose petals, symbolizing love and passion.

  2. Pure Ivory Elegance: Create a dreamlike atmosphere with our ivory white preserved rose petals, perfect for weddings and upscale affairs.

  3. Blush Pink Romance: Infuse a subtle, romantic charm with our blush pink preserved rose petals, ideal for intimate gatherings.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of our Preserved Rose Petals and make every moment unforgettable. Order now to add a touch of eternal beauty to your celebrations!