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What is a Gender Reveal Party?

A Gender Reveal Party is a party where the parents-to-be, family, and friends discover the fetal sex of the expected baby normally confirmed through ultrasound or other emerging medical tests. Most medical methods of discovering the fetal sex of the expected baby require at least 20 weeks before an accurate determination can be delivered. This means that a Gender Reveal Party can be thrown anytime from 20 weeks until closer to pregnancy. 

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Traditionally, a Gender Reveal Party will include a main event which actually reveals the fetal sex of the baby, colloquially refered to as the gender, rather than reading the ultrasound disclosure. Other aspects of the party are similar to the traditionally baby shower in that there are games, food and drinks, as well photo opportunities. In fact, a gender reveal party can be combined with both a baby shower or a pregnancy announcement if couples are weary of throwing multiple parties. A Gender Reveal Party differs from a baby shower because all genders are invited in contrast to a baby shower which is typically for those who identify as female.

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As mentioned, the main event of the Gender Reveal Party which reveals the fetal sex of the baby will traditionally reveal the colours of blue or pink to denote male or female respectively. The main event will typically be something that invokes a surprise to where an action performed by the parents causes the colours to appear. It is important to remember that the expected parents have the autonomy of choice and there are no hard or fast rules as to what colours should be displayed. For instance, gender-neutral colours can still be incorporated and the joyous occassion can still be memorable for all those attending.

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A Gender Reveal Party is a celebration of life and a joyous occassion which can only happen once before the birth of an expected child. Keep it light-hearted, fun, and exciting. So, regardless of the discovery and various debates regarding gender issues and sex, if you choose to throw a Gender Reveal Party the only requirement is to have fun and committ to loving the expected child or children for their fetal sex and any gender determinations that change in the future.