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Top 5 Gender Reveal Ranked by Excitement

Top 5 Gender Reveal's Ranked by Excitement 

Gender Reveal parties are a fun way to celebrate a pregnancy with family and friends. The best gender reveals we’ve seen are filled with cheers and excitement, vibrant coloured treats, party games, and a special revealing event that can result in amazing memories. However, not all gender reveal products facilitate the same level of excitement. Here’s our Top 5 ranking of the most exciting ways to reveal the fetal sex of your expected baby!

5. Balloon-in-Box Reveal

The classic Balloons-in-a-box method is a fun way to announce the news in an indoor or outdoor setting. Essentially, a large bag or box is filled with helium balloons, which rise once the container is opened revealing the gender of the baby.

Although a very easy DIY method, a simple YouTube search shows that the balloon-in-a-box method tends to be underwhelming and not as exciting as the methods to follow. The anticipation built throughout the event as to sex of the baby reaches it’s peak during the final countdown before the reveal. On many occasions, opening the box does not propel the balloons into the air as one would expect, this is evident in many of the videos. Moreover, the element of surprise lacks sound and individuals are only visually stimulated by the sight of the balloons exiting the box.


The Balloon-in-a-Box method can be spruced up to include coloured smoke or popping balloons. A benefit of this method is that as long as the balloons are tied down, you have plenty of time for photos and the clean-up is the easiest. However, for the amount of creative and constructive effort invested , we highly recommend considering the other methods listed below which translate to more fun and excitement with a smaller investment of time.

4. 36 inch Confetti Balloon Reveal

A confetti balloon is an exciting and easy way to reveal the gender of your baby. A confetti balloon is filled with helium and popped to reveal the gender of the baby. Typically, individuals can purchase a confetti balloon online but it’s fairly easy to make on your own! Keep in mind, the smaller the confetti the more difficult to clean out of carpets and certain rugs. Confetti Balloons are great because they’re an inexpensive way to reveal despite the rising cost of helium.

Typically, a gender reveal confetti balloon will be 36” in size and can be dressed up or down with different coloured streamers. Gender Reveal confetti balloons are super cute and have an added element of surprise over the gender reveal balloon-in-a-box method since popping the balloon creates a loud sound! The effect is quick so photographers need to be ready to take as many photos as they can in the few seconds the effect lasts for!

A few words of caution if making your own gender reveal confetti balloon. Personally, I advise people to stay away from glitter. This is due to the physics behind popping a balloon. Air escapes at the first point of contact. If popped at eye level, glitter can rush out and at worst could cause severe vision loss. Through our experience in the industry, glitter is something we do not promote for use in the balloons because of the potential for harm to the parents-to-be.

All in all, a gender reveal confetti balloon offers a classic, cost-efficient, and exciting experience. This is probably the standard in terms of excitement because it offers visual and auditory cues which can keep the excitement going.

3. Baseball, Golf Ball, Hockey Puck Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Sports Ball come in familiar shapes and sizes for the avid sports fans! Among those commonly found are basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs and golf balls. The sports balls are filled with coloured powder and their outer shell breaks on impact to reveal the fetal sex of the baby.

Sports reveals are fun! There's surely a higher level of excitement when you dunk a basketball or kick open a soccer/football among screaming fans! The amount of powder varies per sports ball. For example, a baseball would have more powder than a golf ball, while having less powder than a football. Despite this, the vibrant powder helps create wonderful photos from any angle!

Sports reveals are notorious for innocently resulting in bloopers. While this is an increasingly fun and engaging way of revealing the fetal sex of your baby, please make sure you practice before the big day or you may end up with something like this: 


You might still end up with a funny video to remind you of the special day!

2. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon and Powder Cannon

Confetti Cannons and Powder Cannons are the most exciting reveal product on the list for a few reasons. First, the effect is vibrant and visible to not only attendees but also to those joining in on FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. A confetti cannon or powder cannon feature vibrant colours that shoot around 20 feet from the ground. A longer lasting effect means more time for pictures and more time to celebrate!

Confetti Cannons are the most interactive as guest will be showered by confetti as it twists and twirls to the ground! Children also have fun playing with the confetti as it falls! Often, smaller children may enjoy gathering and collecting the confetti afterwards which helps in cleaning. The confetti may also be saved for scrapbooking or as a keepsake :) Gender Reveal Powder Cannons shoot a single poof of coloured powder into the sky with a POP! The powder easily dissipates in the air and often results in minimal clean-up. Gender Reveal Powder should be non-toxic, non-flammable, and washable. 

Gender Reveal Cannons undoubtedly offer the best confetti surprise available. Choose a product that offers biodegradable confetti or non-toxic coloured powder to simplify cleaning surfaces and clothing. The Belle & Beau Confetti Co. Gender Reveal Cannons feature biogradable confetti and non-toxic, washable gender reveal powder. 

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon - Erin Jones Photography

1. Your Gender Reveal!

You could choose one product, the best product, or a combination of multiple products to reveal. Nonetheless, the most exciting part of it will be the moment you find out. Sometimes parents-to-be may inevitably find out but finding out and truly celebrating the moment are two different experiences. Having an opportunity to celebrate a joyous occassion like birth with the people you love the is one of the best parts of life. 

Not Recomended: Tannerite Explosion

The most explosive gender reveal product is not always the best option. In the United States, a tannerite gender reveal box can be purchased or made as a DIY project. This product is extremely flammable and creates a large explosion of colour upon impact. For this reason, while easily giving the largest effect, Tannerite is not reccommend as a gender reveal product. Moreover, while available in the United States, tannerite is banned for general use in Canada.

A video released by the US Forest Service shows the moment an off-duty border patrol officer in Arizona shoots a makeshift target with the words "Boy" and "Girl" written on it and it explodes in an open field, revealing a plume of blue smoke and sparking a massive wildfire, in a gender reveal party gone awry. In this case, the gender reveal sparked a 47,000 acre wildfire.


We strongly recommend that families should opt for a reliable and worry-free gender reveal party like those mentioned in our Top 5 List above.

Not Recomended: Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs, also commonly known as Smoke Grenades, find their origins among pyrotechnics and military products. Smoke Bombs could be regulated in your area and might face restrictions against use in certain areas.

A Smoke Bomb or Smoke Grenade releases a continuous stream of colour smoke that lasts for about 100 seconds. Users are instructed to hold the device at arms length and pull a wire which might release sparks while igniting. The instructions direct the user to throw the device observing safety and obstacles. The device must be thrown because it gets HOT. Mixing unprepared users with flammable environmental conditions will lead to catastropic damage.

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs differ from Gender Reveal Powder Cannons because Smoke Bombs release a continuous stream of smoke thanks to pyrotechnics as opposed to a single shot of coloured powder from a Powder Cannon thanks to air.