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The Best Gender Reveal Balloon-Box: How to make a Gender Reveal Balloon-Box

D.I.Y. Gender Reveal Balloon Box


  • 1 Extra Large Cardboard Box
  • 1 Roll of Packing Tape
  • 1 Roll of Wrapping Paper; or 1 Roll of Kraft Paper
  • 1 Glue Stick; or Liquid Glue
  • 5-8 Helium Balloons (Blue or Pink) 
  • Scissors
  • Thick Ribbon (length varies depending on box)
  • Optional ideas for decoration:
    • Adhesive Label Printer Paper (8 1/2" x 11")
    • String or Yarn (length varies)
    • Colored paper
    • Coloured Streamers
    • Smoke grenades
    • Paper Flowers
    • Colored Tissue


Creating the basic box

If the box is flattened, unfold it and tape it into place using the packing tape so it maintains its box-form leaving the top side open.

folded gender reveal balloon box Next, select a baby themed wrapping paper or use a plain roll of Kraft paper to line the sides of the box. Cut the wrapping to size. Ensure all holes are covered! This will give the box an even appearance and hide any unwanted writing or blemishes on the box. Use the packing tape to hold the wrap in place. Repeat this process for the top and the bottom. Ensure that one side (the top) has flaps which can open.
After all the sides are covered, you'll have the basic frame of which you can decorate and add balloons too!
Wrapped Gender Reveal Balloon Box Guide

Decorating the Box

  • When deciding what side to make the front of the box (i.e., the side that faces the camera), make sure the box flaps open up left/right rather than front/back. This will ensure better pictures that capture the surprise and will allow your guests to view the balloons immediately as opposed to being blocked by the flaps if in a front/back position!
  • Using a graphic or font editor (i.e., Adobe Photoshop or MS Word), design graphics for the box. Once you're satisfied print your designs onto adhesive label paper. Using adhesive label paper allows you to cut, peel, and stick any designs to the box with ease!
  • A cost-effective option is printing on regular paper and cutting and gluing the designs to the box. This is equally as effective!
  • One idea I had is cutting a trey out of a thin cracker box. You could staple or hot glue the cardboard trey to the back of the box as a holder for a smoke grenade. Someone could pull the smoke grenade while the couple opens the box. The resulting photos would be gorgeous!
Thin Cracker Box Trey.Gender Reveal Smoke Grenade Trey for Gender Reveal Balloon Box
Smoke Grenade Trey attached to Gender Reveal Box
  • Remember, you have the autonomy of choice. You can add glitter, colored wrapping paper, blue or pink streamers, paper flowers, the possibilities are endless!
Once you've finished decorating the Gender Reveal box, it's time to fill the box.

Filling the Gender Reveal Box

The most common way is to fill the box with pink or blue helium balloons. 5-8 Helium Balloons should be fine. You may wish to tie the balloons to the bottom of the box with string or a weight to secure the balloons.
  • Optional: You can spruce up the box reveal by cutting a small circle to the back of the box. Just before the couple opens the box, have someone throw a smoke grenade inside through the small hole. The parents-to-be should open the box within seconds to see balloons and colored smoke emitting from the box.

The Final Step Before the Reveal

  • Wrap the ribbon around the sides of the box with the filling inside. Tie a bow to complete the job! Tape the ribbon in place on the bottom and sides of the box to prevent it from accidentally sliding off causing the surprise to be ruined. Just pull the ribbon and open the flaps when it's time to reveal!

Last Thoughts

The Gender Reveal Balloon in a box is definitely interesting to make and can be a fun and economical way to throw a Gender Reveal Party! This Gender Reveal idea is very cost efficient. The box might be the most expensive thing if you can't find one lying around. However, the Gender Reveal Balloon in Box lacks in excitement, for two reasons. First, a common issue is that the helium balloons don't rise out of the box very fast. Second, there is no auditory stimuli such as a pop or bang which adds to the surprise!


For a more exciting method that requires less preparation and gives off a more exciting effect, check out some gender reveal confetti or powder cannons!