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Introducing our Real Rose Petal Cannons!

Rose Petal Cannons

In 2019, we were inspired by wanting to further enhance our client’s photos, film, and personal experiences during another one of the biggest days of their lives. We wanted to stay true and focus on the experiences of everyone involved. We developed a prototype after prototype until we were finally thrilled with the results. During the end of the Pandemic, we launched our Rose Petal Cannon at Michael and Nicole’s outdoor wedding to where the luxury of having beautiful rose petals falls from the sky during your special moment is no longer a dream!

 The Rose Petal Cannons were used just as imagined, synchronized in-step with the Bride and Groom after the ceremony with cheers, tears, and petals flowing. Our Rose Petal cannons absolutely elevate the sights, feelings, and expressions of any indoor or outdoor proposal, wedding, reception, or other special moment!

Real Rose Petals

Nothing beats the look and feel of real rose petals and fake rose petals are noticable with today's camera and video technology. While some may opt for fabric or paper petals, our cannons feature real, hand-picked, ethically sourced rose petals that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Belle & Beau Confetti Co Wedding Rose Petals

Each petal is handpicked and delicately handpacked into our cannon to ensure at least 250 petals are placed inside each one. Often, if spaces allows us, we can fit up to 300 petals inside each cannon. We’ve devised a method to ensure the petals are not wilting or browned for when you use the cannons, even if it's at a later date.

Our petals come in a variety of colours ranging from bright and vibrant colours that pop to neutral and dark tones that compliment your décor. 


The surprise POP combined with the gorgeous effect of thick petals cascading from the sky is what makes our Rose Petal Cannons so unforgettable! Two of our rose petal cannons shoot over 500 rose petals that twist and twirl from heights up to 30 feet. We recommend both cannons be used together for the best effect!


Our Rose Petal Cannons have been featured by various photographers with stellar feedback. We’re also able to communicate instructions or ideas with your photographer to ensure your experience goes smoothly.